Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joey Garlics Pizzeria

The name has a ring to it, but Joey Garlic's does not live up to it's persona. Walking into the quant Ialian restaurant, one might have a positive reaction to the delicoius aroma and smiling faces, but once you are seated and ready for drink and a meal, that will change.
My family and I went there for dinner last weekend and we were appauled by the terrible services and not quite above average food. After ordering just our drinks, we were not served for almost 20 minutes. Then, when our food orders were finally taken, we waited almost an hour to eat our dinner, that turned out not to be all that great.
Joey Garlics offers takeout and pickup orders, and apparently that is what they are known for because dining out was not the right choice.

1 comment:

  1. O, no! This sounds awful!! I have had terrible pizza experiences.

    Recently, I tried Grand Appiza in North Haven, on Washington Ave. and I am still eating the leftovers, so even though it was not "great, great" it was slightly above average.

    I have come to learn that pizza is an entirely separate species in the food kingdom. Places that look cute can have crummy service and places that appear to be dives can make for good times!

    Thanks for the warning on this place!