Sunday, May 3, 2009


My first Bamboozle experience was simply awesome! I was in my glory all day with good friends, beer and music all around me, which is by far the best combination. After driving 2 1/2 hours from Central to East Rutherford, we finally got to the Meadowlands at 11:30 in plenty of time for Cartel, a popular favorite of the early afternoon, followed by a fun ska band Edna's Goldfish. We moved onto a blast from the past and one-hit-wonder band Bloodhound Gang who were not too impressive, but once they played "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals..." we were satisfied. A few other of my favorites were Metro Station, Bayside, and Boys Like Girls who all had an amazing energy and presence on the stage and got the crowd pumped. My all time favorite of the day was definitely Gavin Rossdale who blew me away with his amazing sound and powerful, raspy voice. He played one of my favorites from his old band Bush, a song called "Come Down" that was flawless. We The Kings were also decent and although I am not a fan of Newfound Glory, apparently everyone else at Bamboozle was and so were my friends, so we mistakenly planted ourselves into a moshpitt and almost died. All in all, Bamboozle ROCKED!!!!!!


  1. I wish I could of taken pictures, but Christina was the only one smart enough to charge her camera before we left. I wrote a post on this as well. It was amazing!

  2. haha ya, it was hard to get close enough shots, but I feel like I captured the day pretty well, especially the chaos!!

  3. This sounds like a good time! What a great experience to have during your "college" years! Also, it was a good idea that you included the pictures.