Monday, May 4, 2009

What would you ask Third Eye Blind?

So, I got this amazing opportunity to meet my all time favorite band ever and always will be, Third Eye Blind! I will be in 104.1 studios with them next Tuesday and I am so excited I honestly feel like I will be akward and speechless when I finally meet them. I am going to get their autographs, talk with them about whatever comes to mind and even get a private concert in the studio.
I figured I would write a blog about it and ask you guys, if you were to meet Third Eye Blind or even your own favorite band, what would be some questions you would ask them? Share your ideas!


  1. Well, since I can't go with you and they are one of my favorite bands too, Why do they play Motorcycle Drive By at so many shows, since not a lot ppl know it (or it wasn't such a big hit) and what is the inspiration for the song? Or I would take your favorite 3EB song and ask what their inspiration was? Hmmm What took them sooo long to release a fourth album, and what else can we expect from them in the near future. Things like that? Does that help??? That's the kinda stuff I would ask

  2. yes good ideas, I am definitely going to ask why it took them so long to release their 4th album. I also might ask What is the significance of Jumper - like did they have a friend who was suicidal or ended up killing themself

  3. How did it go?! I bet that you were not awkward or speechless. After all, you are a professional!