Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Third Eye Blind

So, I did it, I met the guys from Third Eye Blind yesterday who performed for one of Clear Channel's stations The River. Let me tell you, nothing about them reached my expectations.
I was thoroughly dissapointed with the demeanor and personalities of my once favorite musicians. Stephan Jenkins, the amazingly goodlooking lead singer turned out to be a smug prick with an "I don't care and I have better places to be" attitude that turned me off from the moment I met him. The other band member with him was Tony, a guitarist and vocalist who barely said a word for the entire 15 minutes they were there.
The band refused to do autographs, or pictures with their fans and they only played three songs on their acoustic guitars. The staff at Clear Channel had everything planned and setup for the band to use amps and record their music, but the band Manager called 5 minutes before Third Eye Blind showed up to say, "Stephan is not feeling well today, so he doesn't want to perform much." The Clear Channel staff even had engineers from the New Haven station to come do extra special sound work.
After playing three songs that weren't even that good because the guys were too hung over or high to sing or play decent, Stephan got up and left with a quick goodbye and no opportunity for questions.
The icing on the cake for me was at the end, when everyone had to leave I asked Tony to sign my t-shirt. He tried and got frustrated, called me t-shirt sketchy, dropped the pen and left.
I was utterly appauled by my experience and my respect for my once favorite band has gone down. I still love their music, but I will never hear it the same. I just hope they realize that their bad attitudes are the cause of why they have lost popularity over the years.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I lost my White Castle Virginity

As an extension of my Bamboozle experience over the weekend, I also had another first: White Castle. Now, I know the real tradition is to go get White Castle after Bamboozle having been extremely drunk and high. Well, I on the other hand, was pretty stone sober since I was driving home 2 1/2 hours, so my White Castle experience really wasn't all that euphoric. The burgers were so small, I wouldn't even consider them burgers and to be honest. A real burger is more than a centimeter thick and doesn't taste like fake, processed beef. The french fries weren't even good, and not even closely comparable to the deliciousness that is McDonald's fries. The place itself was a s*ithole and proved to also be a step down from McDonals and Burger King and all the rest of fastfood places.
Bottom line, after all the propaganda about White Castle, I don't get why Herald and Kumar traveled so far for such crappy burgers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What would you ask Third Eye Blind?

So, I got this amazing opportunity to meet my all time favorite band ever and always will be, Third Eye Blind! I will be in 104.1 studios with them next Tuesday and I am so excited I honestly feel like I will be akward and speechless when I finally meet them. I am going to get their autographs, talk with them about whatever comes to mind and even get a private concert in the studio.
I figured I would write a blog about it and ask you guys, if you were to meet Third Eye Blind or even your own favorite band, what would be some questions you would ask them? Share your ideas!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My first Bamboozle experience was simply awesome! I was in my glory all day with good friends, beer and music all around me, which is by far the best combination. After driving 2 1/2 hours from Central to East Rutherford, we finally got to the Meadowlands at 11:30 in plenty of time for Cartel, a popular favorite of the early afternoon, followed by a fun ska band Edna's Goldfish. We moved onto a blast from the past and one-hit-wonder band Bloodhound Gang who were not too impressive, but once they played "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals..." we were satisfied. A few other of my favorites were Metro Station, Bayside, and Boys Like Girls who all had an amazing energy and presence on the stage and got the crowd pumped. My all time favorite of the day was definitely Gavin Rossdale who blew me away with his amazing sound and powerful, raspy voice. He played one of my favorites from his old band Bush, a song called "Come Down" that was flawless. We The Kings were also decent and although I am not a fan of Newfound Glory, apparently everyone else at Bamboozle was and so were my friends, so we mistakenly planted ourselves into a moshpitt and almost died. All in all, Bamboozle ROCKED!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joey Garlics Pizzeria

The name has a ring to it, but Joey Garlic's does not live up to it's persona. Walking into the quant Ialian restaurant, one might have a positive reaction to the delicoius aroma and smiling faces, but once you are seated and ready for drink and a meal, that will change.
My family and I went there for dinner last weekend and we were appauled by the terrible services and not quite above average food. After ordering just our drinks, we were not served for almost 20 minutes. Then, when our food orders were finally taken, we waited almost an hour to eat our dinner, that turned out not to be all that great.
Joey Garlics offers takeout and pickup orders, and apparently that is what they are known for because dining out was not the right choice.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Honoring April 20th

Ohhhh 4/20, the day that many high school and college-age people use as an excuse to refrain from responsibilities and all reality to smoke pot. For many, it's just like any other day. Although I am not an avid celebrator myself, I always wondered about the true significance of this day.

After some research, I found that 4/20 comes from a story about a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in California in 1971 where the teens met at 4:20 p.m. (the time that afternoon detention was let out) every day to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue (as seen in the photo). To this day, April 20th has become a counterculture holiday where people celebrated with marijuana.

Approximately 10,000 people at the University of Colorado at Boulder celebrate it as a part of Earth week very year. UC has played a huge part in maintaining the rememberence of 4/20. While, police have tried to prevent the celebration, thousands more partipatants visit the campus every year.

Internationally, 4/20 is observed as well. At the University of Otago in New Zealand, students meet on the Union Lawn on Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:20 to smoke pot in public as a way of protesting its illegality.
Well, my research did not prove much to me that 4/20 is the least bit historical. It simply says that a bunch of hippies started smoking pot after detention and some others followed with the trend. Although, Earth week is definitely worth celebrating.

Furries are Freaks

I know my title of this blog is very judgemental and I try not to be a judgemental person, but after reading about Furies I just had to blog about it.
I tried to keep an open mind thoughout the piece, but by the 10th page and the 20th reference to having sex with stuffed animals, I just couldn't beleive what I was reading. I understand that people may have weird fetishes and that's cool, but firstly, keep it to yourself and second, having stuffed animal fetishes should not even be considered a fetish, but instead what a source calls, "Beastiality," especially when taken to completely inapriate extremes of living animals.
I could go on about the absurd details that this writer shares about the Furies, but the bottom line is these people that claim they are only turned on by "plush" were completely fu*ked up by cartoons when they were kids and they all need reality checks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey There Delilah

I recently began reading the syndicated radio star Delilah's book called "Love Matters." Her book is full of reasons why love matters. She is sappy, I know, but I have grown to appreciate hearing the personal stories from her listeners and her wise commentary.
If you are not familiar with her, Delilah is the host of a nighttime radio show broadcasted across all of North America and known for her mesmerizing voice that tells stories about love and loss as she then chooses sappy love songs accordingly. Delilah is not perfectly in tune with her own love story, she has even been divorced three times in her life and still has not found "the one" she explains, but listening to other's experiences is fulfilling to her.
She has deemed herself the "Queen of Sappy Love Songs" and has been said to say her show is a "safety zone where listeners take off their armor, slip into a comfortable cardigan, sit around the electronic hearth and share their secrets."
In her book Delilah writes of her favorite love stories over the years including "The joyful reunion of a widow with her first love thirty-eight years after giving birth to their child, "A young woman's agonizing decision to renounce the love she found while working at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11," and "A poignant encounter with a "Christmas angel" during one man's holiday rounds as a professional Santa.

Click to listen to Delilah.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Another Bambi Moment"

On April 22nd, Disney's new creation by Disneynature, "Earth" will hit theatres with the over-obsessed, under-used phrase "go green." According to the New York Times, the movie features a baby elephant is separated from its mother and dies, a cheetah who eats a baby gazelle, and a father who bleeds to death after when attacked by a walrus.
Disneynature is a new label that includes the same people behind Discovery Channel's mini series "Planet Earth." The focus of the G-rated documentary film is to show the stuggle of three familes of animals over time.
Disney has a goal of showing the public the natural life of nature to ultimately promote environmental awareness and of course make another hit for kids and families.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crowned Music Kings

The song "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon has been stuck in my head all morning, which made me think, 'why not blog about them.'
This band relased their third 2007 album "Because Of The Times", which Entertainment Weekly called it their "crowning achievement," and Rolling Stone questioned their improvement because to their surprise, had already gotten so huge. The 2003 Youth and Young Manhood and 2005 Aha Shake Heartbreak lead to the ground-breaking Because of The Times bringing the band to global success. Selling out concerts all over the U.S., Kings of Leon also healdlined the Glastonbury Fesitval in the U.K. and the Oxygen Festival in Ireland all while selling out at their London show of a 20,000-seat Arena in under an hour (where Led Zeppelin held its reunion concert).
Kings of Leon will be headlining Reading and Leeds Festivals on Friday, August 28th and Sunday, August 30th August with Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Placebo, The Prodigy, Bloc Party, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just to name few.

They are really a great band with a unique sound so take a listen to "Use Somebody" if you hadn't already heard

Monday, April 6, 2009

Celebrity Tweeting

I found an article in the Chicago Tribune entitled "Celebrities on Twitter: Real or Fake?" In my mind, I said to myself 'fake, no question." This writer gives an interesting twist on the idea in that maybe their tweets are real, but they have a hidden meaning. Unfortunately, identity theft on twitter is just going to make the social networking site lose its credibility, if it had any in the first place.

Check it out. See what you think celebrities are saying, if its them at all.,0,1405201.story

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tis' the Season for Music Festivals

Among the countless music fests that are touring through our area over the next few months, Bamboozle will be at the Meadowlands in Rutherford, New Jersey on May 2nd and 3rd. The line up is looking good with bands like We The Kings, Metro Station, Young Love, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Like Girls, Cartel, A Rocket to the Mood, Scotty Don't, Valencia, Hey Monday, Gavin Rossdale and my all time favorite, Third Eye Blind, just to name a few!

The two-day festival will be jam-packed with amazing artists so buy your tickets at but awares that the more than single day passes are already sold out so buy your single day passes for May 2nd or 3rd now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Facebook Confusion

Along with many others, I am not happy with the lastest Facebook updates. Over the past few days I have noticed the small changes, but now I simply cannot tell the difference between a status update and a wall post. I think I accidentally wrote on my own wall instead of updating my status. How dumb does that make me look? haha.
I also hate how the invitations and other notifications are at the top in the same font as the rest of the home page, making it almost impossible to notice among the other chaos.
I have even noticed a huge increase in peoples' status updates saying "___ hates the new facebook" and many more like that. Hopefully they will get the hint from reading the participants' opinions and change the website layout yet again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I love Michael Cera

As I was laying in bed bored last night, I decided to bring back a good oldie that all of us have watched a 2008 movie that portrays male teenage akwardness and sexual frustrations better than any boy themselves could act out. That movie is Superbad: a classic. Sorry for all of you that despise this movie, but it is just plain hilarious in all its discusting and obnoxious lines. Not to mention that Michael Cera is a main character and to me, he is quirky and absolutely adorable.

This leads me to his next movie Juno, another well-done story about a 16-year-old girl who gets pregant and decides to go through the pregnancy put the baby up for adoption. This is another movie that makes Cera look like a dork in his short-shorts and timid personality, but his akwardly sweet adolescent character is genious.

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist was a alternative type film about two teens' mutual love for music, and more specifically, a band named Fluffy that ultimately brings the two together. In this movie, Cera plays more of a prominent male character, as a musician in a band who makes mix CD's that Nora falls in love with. Although he still maintains his authentic charm, Cera got what he deserved as the sought after "hot guy."

MaggieMoo's Ice Cream

So last week, I went out for ice cream with some friends at MaggieMoo's in West Hartford. Turns out this quaint little ice cream shop was very similar to Coldstone's Creamery in that the ice cream is mashed together with whatever toppings you choose on a "cold stone."
I got the Caramel Fudge Swirpool, which had caramel, snickers bar pieces, and chocolate fudged all mixed into this extra creamy vanilla flavored ice cream called Udderly Cream. For figure friendly choices, MaggieMoo's also has raspberry and peach sherbert. My two friends got a scoop of each of those with gummy bears mixed in - I tasted and that was amazing too.
MaggieMoo's has a wide variety of flavors and toppings to choose from and was absolutely delicious. It was also a great place to meet and hang with friends. I reccomend it to anyone who enjoys good ice cream once in a while.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wedding Crasher Gets Engaged

According to, Vince Vaugn, 38, is engaged to his girlfriend Kyla Weber. In the story he states, "For me, the biggest foundation always is that you can laugh with each other, that you have fun with each other, because life really is made up of all the little moments." I just love him and think he is the funniest guy on earth. I think its great that he finally found happiness after Aniston.,,20263330,00.html

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In My Bag

I was searching the web for fashion blogs this morning and came across something I never thought was real: a bag blog. I originally was looking around Iamfashion on blogger when suddenly I found myself after clicking a link, on This site has countless designer bags with photos and comments about the nitty gritty details of each one's material along with the best use, the price and where to get it. Even though most of the bags are not affordable to us college girls, the bloggers mention in certain posts that some bags may be on sale or sold at a cheaper price in another store. So check this unique women's blog out if you are interested:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newport, RI

This weekend I took a trip to Newport, RI with some friends and enjoy a leisurely girls getaway weekend. We started the trip by having a fancy lunch at an upscale restaurant on Thames Street called Astricks. The four of us happened to be the only people in the entire restaurant, which turned out to be great for us to freely converse and laugh as loud as we pleased.
The restaurant itself was a quaint cafe by the beach, still managing to maintain its charm even in middle of the winter in a beach town. We started off with "Flirtinis," a type of martini with an array of tropical fruit juices mixed with tangeray and vodka. After enjoying our noon time cocktails, we ordered lunch along with another drink.
The meals had the gourmet touch that I expected with the most amazing french fries I have ever eaten. They were not to crispy, not too soft and the chef left just enough skin on the potato before being fried. They accompanied my BLT on a baquette perfectly and I finished my sandwhich and martini with nothing left in my glass or plate.
I would recommend this restaurant to any girls who want to get lunch during a day of shopping in Newport. Although it is an upscale restaurant, the prices for lunch ranged between $10-$15.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rhianna, Don't Listen to the Media

I turned on channel 8 this morning to watch the View, a women's politically-charged talk show with famous faces such as Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and the ever-annoying Elisabeth Hassleback.

For the past couple years The View has consisted mostly of banter surrounding Barack Obama: the anticipation and the reality Obama as President. Now, the girls having run out of political issues that bother the heck out of them and have stooped down to celebrity gossip. Today's topic was Rhianna and Chris Brown. Though every person feels terrible for Rhianna and hopes she can recover both mentally and physically from her boyfriend Chris Brown's violent act towards her, The View manages to form a guilt-trip on the poor young women about how she needs to make PSA's for young girls in the public.

I understand Rhianna is a public figure and all, but seriously leave her alone! She is going through something so profoundly hurtful and I am pretty sure right now she is trying to care and take care of herself, not all the little girls who want to be her. Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe that domestic violence is absolutely absurd and Chris Brown needs to be punished for, but Rhianna needs her privacy rather than more publicity.

The media is positive in spreading information to the public, but sometimes the people who work in the media need to have common courtesy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 This Our Answer to Loneliness?

This Valentine's day got me thinking about the idea of true love and its correlation with internet dating. I recently signed my friend up for Although a joke to me, it opened my eyes up to the idea that thousands of people rely on internet dating sites such as EHarmony and to find the "right" person for them.

This is absurd. Though the internet is a bottomless pit of information at our discretion, but by no means should it be used for dating purposes.

What happened to old fashioned courting? It is now hidden behind computer screens causing people to be too self-conscious and pathetic to go out in the world and find love when love finds them. Internet dating, though convenient to the lazy, antisocial person, has recently changed old fashioned dating into computerized compatability inhibiting any sort of personal, intimate experience.