Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Third Eye Blind

So, I did it, I met the guys from Third Eye Blind yesterday who performed for one of Clear Channel's stations The River. Let me tell you, nothing about them reached my expectations.
I was thoroughly dissapointed with the demeanor and personalities of my once favorite musicians. Stephan Jenkins, the amazingly goodlooking lead singer turned out to be a smug prick with an "I don't care and I have better places to be" attitude that turned me off from the moment I met him. The other band member with him was Tony, a guitarist and vocalist who barely said a word for the entire 15 minutes they were there.
The band refused to do autographs, or pictures with their fans and they only played three songs on their acoustic guitars. The staff at Clear Channel had everything planned and setup for the band to use amps and record their music, but the band Manager called 5 minutes before Third Eye Blind showed up to say, "Stephan is not feeling well today, so he doesn't want to perform much." The Clear Channel staff even had engineers from the New Haven station to come do extra special sound work.
After playing three songs that weren't even that good because the guys were too hung over or high to sing or play decent, Stephan got up and left with a quick goodbye and no opportunity for questions.
The icing on the cake for me was at the end, when everyone had to leave I asked Tony to sign my t-shirt. He tried and got frustrated, called me t-shirt sketchy, dropped the pen and left.
I was utterly appauled by my experience and my respect for my once favorite band has gone down. I still love their music, but I will never hear it the same. I just hope they realize that their bad attitudes are the cause of why they have lost popularity over the years.


  1. it always frustrates me when you have expectations of meeting someone, especially as big of a band as Third Eye Blind and they turn out not to be what you expected at all. I guess that's what happens when people let fame get to their heads.

  2. Wow. Looks like Third Eye Blind really is "blind." It's always sad to hear about a jaded star, just as much as it is to hear about an obsessed and psychotic fan.